Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sitting by the pool

Sitting by the pool in a balmy 75 degree morning.  Not a bad change from Chicago weather. 

When I was on the plane yesterday, I saw a couple with paper respirators on.  I did not ask, but were they protecting themselves or the rest of us?  With flu season upon us once again, what seemed like weird a couple of years ago is not so weird.  How bad is the air quality in a plane traveling at 34,000 ft for two hours?  What is on the plane that halfway protects me from getting some bug, if anything?   When googling the topic of airplane air quality, I was supprised at what I found.  Airplane manufacturers with technical information on cabin air quality, how much extra fuel it takes to supply the passenger cabin with "fresh" air, etc.  Pretty interesting how much information you can find if you look, or google.  Sifting through the information for what is accurate is sometimes challenging.  . 

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Ckemtp said...

I think I was at a class once where someone said "The flu kills almost 30k people per year and people don't want to get a flu shot. Anthrax kills a handful and we spend billions"

Is this going to be "The new normal"? Nope. Look at what happened when SARS fizzled.

I got my shot though.

Oh, and could you do me a favor? I moved my blog to Could you update the blogroll?

Happy and Medic999 moved too

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